About Me

My designing days began long before I majored from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art.

I always loved the handling, linking and testing all sorts of materials and just play around with different sketches and designs.

Since my graduation, I went through a deep process of self-exploration and tested many directions with my jewels. I am now a woman wearing many hats, acting as a free-spirited designer, goldsmith, and teacher.

Residing in a Moshav located not too far from TLV, I enjoy the natural and urban lifestyle and draw my inspiration from both.

I was always drawn to geometric configurations formed by nature. I love discovering new materials and interesting shapes wherever I go. As a daughter of a carpenter, I always had a special connection and involvement with lumber and was exposed to particular craftsmanship from adolescence. I love combining two materials that are contradicting each other by either texture, color or shape when the end result reminds me of a stone I found at the bottom of the ocean.

I’m infatuated with textures, fine art and everything unique.